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**Half Term Monday 17th to Friday 21st February 2020**

Reception: Mrs Tillman and Mrs Round
Spring term 2020

This term our topics are “Food and farming” and “Creatures Great and Small,” which will be covered through the Early Learning Goals. We believe strongly in the partnership between home and school and are therefore confident of your support in helping your child to learn. The things we will be discussing in each Area of Learning are as follows:

Personal, Social and Emotional

Learning to treat other cultures and beliefs with respect; understand their own culture

Learning to play co-operatively and take turns

Working together in groups

Responding positively to new activities

Learning to consider the consequences of their words and actions

Understanding the need for agreed codes of behaviour – learning about social conventions and manners

Communication, Language and Literacy

Reading and listening to stories and rhymes

Writing captions, menus and labels for plants, animals and types of food

Retelling stories in the correct sequence, using storybook language

Role play in stories and in the “Restaurant/Greengrocers/Fish and Chip Shop”

Naming, sounding and forming correctly the letters of the alphabet

Developing fluency and independence in reading and writing

Physical Development

Developing fine motor control and use of tools: food-linked activities such as chopping, slicing, spreading, kneading etc

Forest School activities – digging, building and exploring

Using a range of small and large equipment

Developing confidence in moving under, over and through balancing equipment

Developing ball skills and skipping skills

Understanding the World

Food from around the world – Explore using our senses

Looking closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change – cooking food, growth of plants

Seeds and plants

New life in spring – from egg to butterfly


Reliably count groups of objects up to 20 focusing on the numbers 11 - 20

Find one more or less than a number

Add and subtract two groups of objects

Recognise coins – 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p

Recognise 2D – and some 3D – shapes

Expressive Arts and Design

Using imagination in role-play

Drawing and painting with fruit and vegetables

Chinese Dragon puppets

Creating imaginary characters from potatoes and inventing stories to accompany them

Modelling with junk, construction kits and play dough

Composing, singing and playing music

A reminder to read with your child at least 5 times a week, and please sign and date and write a comment if you like in the reading contact book.

We hope you find this information useful and if you have any questions about the work being covered by the children during the term please feel free to see us at the end of the day.