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**Half Term Monday 17th to Friday 21st February 2020**


Hello, my name is Miss Crafter and the wonderful Mrs Rhodes and Miss Briggs assist me.

Year 6 is the most important year at St Thomas' (well, I would say that). It is the year when the children reach the top of the school. This brings with it a sense of maturity and responsibility. Year 6 children carry out prefect and other duties and look after the younger children. They are expected to lead by example, and enjoy rising to the challenge.

Year 6 is also a time when the children have to start thinking about their choice of secondary school. There is, of course, periods when the children prepare for and sit tests. At the beginning of the Year (September/October), there is the Medway and Kent test. Many of our children sit the 11+ and are successful. There is also the end of year SATs tests. Preparation for these tests requires a lot of commitment from the children especially if they are to fulfil their potential.

Of course, Year 6 is not all about tests we have lots of fun too! We have tales to write, poems and books to explore, experiments to investigate, races to win, and lots of problems to solve; but most of all we aim to have a love and passion for learning.