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****NURSERY 08.45 - 11.45 - NURSERY GATE**RECEPTION 08.55 - 3.30pm - NURSERY GATE**YEAR 1 TO YEAR 6 - Gates open at 08.45 and close at 08.55 - all children to enter the school via the playground entrance. School finishes at 3.35, Year 1 and Year 2 will leave via the main reception, all other year groups will leave via the playground entrance**** 
Welcome to year 4

Teacher – Miss Warren

TA – Mrs Padam.

In year 4 the children are all securely into the style and routines of junior school life and working towards being more independent and responsible in preparation for life in the upper juniors. They should now be able to pack their own bags and get them ready the night before with all the equipment they need for the following day. They know the class routines and should be turning up with the correct PE kit (that includes plimsolls), swimming kit and musical instruments as well as making sure they have their reading book and contact book on a daily basis. Each child should be able to do their own tie and shoe laces and put earrings in and remove them if they wear them.

Literacy and Mathematics play a central and vital role in our school day. By the end of year 4 each child should aim to know their tables up to 10 x 10 and we all work very hard in class to get them as snappy as we can, but every little helps and regular practice at home will go a long way to improving tables knowledge and proficiency.

Good readers make good writers and so we enjoy exploring a vast range of texts and writing lots of amazing stories in class! Regular reading is an essential in year 4 and every child should be reading as much as possible at home and under adult supervision; a quiet period with no screens to distract would be ideal, with lots of discussion about the text and characters and with 2 or 3 pages being more beneficial than 20 pages from the back of the car and then the book shut. It is vital that the children understand the text and the meaning behind the words rather than simply decoding.

Amongst all that hard work we have lots of fun and laughs! We have already dressed up and taken part in a Tudor day at Kent Life. And I am sure your children can tell you a thing or two about what happened to a Tudor if they committed treason, as they loved the gruesome stories in lesson so much. We have swimming to look forward to later in the year as well as a class assembly. We have tales to write, poems and books to explore, experiments to investigate, races to win, and lots of problems to solve. But most of all we aim to have a love and passion for learning.