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Jesus said, “Let the children come to me” Mark 10:14

This is a Catholic school and every aspect of the school must be in keeping and allow the flourishing of the Gospel values. Religious Education is far more than a “weekly” lesson, it must be ingrained in all we do. During the “Come and See” (John 1:39) based curriculum and topic cycle, pupils are able to analyse and reflect on a variety of Scripture readings and modern examples of the work of Christ. The scheme was written based on the Second Vatican Council exploring the themes of Revelation, Church, Christian Living and Sacraments. 

The programme allows children to explore the mystery of God, the teaching of the Church, the lives of the Saints and the relationship between faith and life. 

Pupils must develop the appropriate skills and attitudes, which allows for a free and informed response to God’s call in everyday life. 

The Mission of the school should resonate in the teaching of Religious Education. We must promote respect for religious values and moral values and tolerance of other faiths and religions. Our teaching allows for the promotions within ‘Landato Si’ and a deep care for our environment. We are inspired by Saints such as Oscar Romero and the school year celebrates the liturgical calendar.  


To ensure the required depth of study Religious Education must be given at least 10% of teaching time. All lessons must be well planned, resources and engaging. Learning must be based in a positive atmosphere, with pupils who are sensitive and responsive to others. From an early age, pupils are expected to show respect and to take responsibility for their own actions. RE lessons must be enjoyed and celebrated. 

The Head Teacher and the RE Coordinator will ensure high standards are maintained with lesson observations, book looks, pupil voice and learning walks. Where necessary staff will receive support to enable the highest teaching standards, along with staff training. The scheme must be taught with analysis, reflection and critical appreciation of source. 

The scheme allows for a 4-week journey on a variety of topics, allowing for the deepening of understanding from the previous learning. Other faiths and religions are explored on a rotation, whilst Judaism is studied annually. The children’s learning is lived and enhanced via school visits, celebrations in the liturgical year, charitable works and a continuation of the Cafod Living Simply and Oscar Romero. 

Religious Education is taught individually, but it is the keystone of everything we do here at St Thomas of Canterbury School. 


At St Thomas of Canterbury school, we aspire for our learners to be happy, proud, resilient, independent and inquisitive. By gaining a deeper understanding of the love of Christ children are able to know and love God, develop their own moral and spiritual nature and deepen their faith. The teaching of Religious Education has an impact in all we do. 

  • This can be evidenced via high quality work in the children’s books. Showing work, the children are proud of. 
  • A high standard of Religious Education teaching evidence through lesson observations and pupil voice. 
  • Children’s progress is tracked and monitored, ensuring consistent and impactful teaching. 
  • Produce good quality work which they are proud of.
  • The children are ambassadors for Christ who are ready to go out into the world and proclaim the values of the Gospel confidently, building the Kingdom of God through compassion, justice, love and forgiveness in their relationship with others.
  • Regular analysis and whole staff input into the CSED and SDP. 
  • They learn and understand that they are part of the family of God and know how they can play their part in this Global family united by Christ, especially through CAFOD and other charitable projects.

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Mission Statement

We are a loving and welcoming Catholic school and are one big family.

We follow in Jesus’ footsteps and treat one another as we wish to be treated.

We always try our best and support each other to make the right decisions.

We are unique and we celebrate our differences- everybody matters.

Come and See at Home Newsletter - Spring Term 2024