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Feast Day – 12th October

In year 5, the children learn about Blessed Carlos Acutis.

Carlo Acutis was born on 3 May 1991 in London, England but his parents moved to Milan, Italy in September 1991. He was very religious as a child. He said the Rosary daily. He had a great devotion to the Eucharist and went to daily Mass. He received the Sacrament of Reconciliation once a week. In July 2019 he was declared Venerable by Pope Francis. On 10 October 2020 Carlo became Blessed Carlo Acutis.

Blessed Carlos Acutis… Pray for Us

We have the wonderful Mrs Rhodes in our Year 5 class this year, who assists the children in their reading, writing and understanding of expectations of not only the class but the school.

Year 5 is a very important year for all pupils as it tends to be the last of the teaching years, in the sense that Year 6 is a year for revision and consolidation of what has been previously taught in preparation for the end of Key Stage 2 SATs. In addition, Year 5 has also taken on a greater importance in recent years due to the changes to the secondary selection procedures, with the Medway Test taking place at the beginning of Year 6.

In English this year, we will be writing a range of different texts, using as many different skills as we can to showcase our learning. We will be learning some new skillsets, whilst also making others more concrete.

Our Maths this year will be focused around consolidating our understanding of key Mathematical concepts. Having secure times tables and number knowledge is a pivotal part of our learning. Remember to keep practicing your times tables.

Throughout our Focussed Curriculum this year, we will be setting off on many different adventures, from going to Outer Space to stepping back in time to see the Ancient Greeks and Mayans (alongside rushing along rivers and climbing marvellous mountains). We will be developing our knowledge of many different subjects and skills as our educational journey progresses!

As part of the Upper School, we are a strong benchmark for the rest of the school in terms of uniform and behaviour and, as such, standards and expectations are high and vigorously reinforced. Towards the end of the Summer Term, Year 5 take over some of the prefect duties from Year 6, as a preparation for their transfer to the top of the school.

Some Key Information for Year 5:

 - Homework and spellings will be sent home every Friday, and returned by the following Wednesday.
 - There will be Spelling Test and Mental Maths Tests every Friday, so remember to keep practicing.

Please record your child’s reading in their Reading Record books that come home daily.

In and amongst the hard work Year 5 will be doing this year, there will be fun, laughter and games along the way! This year will also see us taking school trips, swimming lessons, guitar lessons, assemblies to perform and much, much more!

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