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This is our school Growing in Faith Together group and we meet weekly. We are democratically elected by our peers and our able to help with the liturgical life of our school. 

This year we have supported the school with the Stations of the Cross, Rosary, Prayer groups, charity events and made everyone think about the life and times of Oscar Romero and what Catholic Social Justice means to a child at St Thomas of Canterbury School.

If you would like a prayer shared, please speak to your GIFT representative.  


The GIFT team have listened to the call of Pope Francis’ in his ‘Year of Prayer’ and wish to invite you all to celebrate and reflect with them.

We are reminded of the different way we can pray. This could be our chance to pray; in adoration of the Lord, with a focus on our blessing, a prayer of repentance, when we seek forgiveness for the times we have not been the best versions of ourselves, a prayer of thanks and gratitude, we can make a prayer of supplication and petition God for our needs. We can pray anytime and anywhere.

To help us grow in faith the Pope, teaches all about the ‘5 finger prayer’ if you have any questions about this or wish to pray with others please speak to a member of the GIFT teams.

Check out this website. It is all about Pope Francis 5 finger prayer.


On the 8th June our GIFT (Growing in Faith Together Team) took part in a day of prayer and reflection at Aylesford Priory. It was a glorious sunny day and we celebrated 'One Body in Christ' with our hearts and minds focused on our global family. The service was led by Fr Francis Kemsley O. Carmelites at the Priory.

The day was capped off with delicious ice-cream and a game of football against English Martyrs. We made lots of new friends and look forward to working on our Mission Pledge over the course of the year.