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As you may be aware, as part of the Olympic Legacy scheme each primary school has been allotted a sum of money, by the government, to use to strengthen the sports provision in their school. At St Thomas’ we were allocated £18,020.99 for 2022/2023, £18,043 for 2022/2023, £18,020 in 2021/2022, £18,037 in 2020/21, £18,099 in 2019/20 and £17,972 in 2018/19. 

Previous years (pre COVID), the money was spent on employing someone to provide sports cover for a number of classes in order to provide high quality PE provision for children at the school. Morning break clubs took place 4 days a week for running and dancing.  In addition, we had lunchtime clubs 4 days a week.  These clubs encompass all Key Stage Two year groups and Year 2.  Furthermore, these lunchtime clubs were used to promote both inter and intra competitions as well as the good physical health of the children.  We also had 2 evening clubs.  These clubs cover a wide variety of sports which allow for competitive and non competitive participation as well as encouraging as many children as possible to be included especially vulnerable groups.  In 2018/19 we received a Silver School Games Award for engagement and delivery of competitive school sport.

Last year St Thomas ' were awarded the most improved school in Medway for cross-country.  Throughout the year we attended numerous Medway Mini-Youth Games competitions and finished an admirable 11th out of the 66 schools that took part.  We also introduced the children to intra-competitions where different year groups and all genders competed against one another.  it would be fair to say that most if not all the children in Key Stage Two participated in at least one inter or intra competition.  83% of Year 6 children left school as competent swimmers. 

Our funding also helps to purchase resources and storage for equipment.

Evidencing the Impact of the Sports Premium