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At St Thomas of Canterbury School, we assess children formally and informally throughout the year.  Assessment provides teachers with valuable information to help them plan appropriate lessons and to set short and longer term targets to move children forward in their learning. It also enables them to give feedback to both children and parents/guardians about attainment and progress.

Ongoing assessment for learning (AFL) is a process which permeates all areas of the curriculum. Even from an early age, children have the opportunity for self and peer assessment/evaluation and are encouraged to reflect on their own learning and consider their own next steps. In the majority of lessons, the children will have immediate and simple feedback from an adult on whether they have achieved the learning intention. In older classes, the feedback from an adult may be more written than verbal.

Formal testing and Summative Assessments

In June, Year 1 children complete the statutory Phonics Screening Check.  Any child who does not reach the expected phonics standard in year 1, will re-sit the test in year 2.

At the end of Year 2 (May), children sit statutory end of Key stage 1 tests (SATs). These tests are administered by the class teachers in the classroom in a low-stress, low-key way; some children won't even be aware they've taken them! The results of the SATs tests are considered together with the ongoing teacher assessment to issue a child with an end of Key Stage 1 Assessment result.

In Year 4, children now sit a Multiplication Test check. This is an online timed test and the children will have the opportunity to practise beforehand.

At the end of year 6 (May), children sit statutory end of Key stage 2 tests (SATs). These tests are administered under strict guidelines and are sent away immediately to be marked externally. The results of the SATs tests are returned to the school in July.

The results of all formal/statutory tests are reported to parents – usually in July with the end of year written report.

In-house summative assessment takes place three times a year at the end of each long term, (e.g autumn, spring and summer) in core subjects and is recorded on Target Tracker. This helps Senior Leaders identify children not on track and interventions can be put in place.