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******** Reception Parents 2022 visit Wednesday 5th January at 4.00pm, please contact the office to book ********* Reception Parents 2022 visit Wednesday 5th January at 4.00pm, please contact the office to book ************ Reception Parents 2022 visit Wednesday 5th January at 4.00pm, please contact the office to book *********

We are a Roman Catholic Community committed to:

* Mutual respect, positive encouragement and participation.
* Recognising the different personal and educational needs of all pupils.
* The delivery of the full national curriculum together with a religious education syllabus
approved by the Catholic Church.
* The highest standards of teaching, learning and performance.
* Maintaining a supportive partnership with parents, the parish, and the wider community.
* The professional development of all staff.


* To encourage each child to realise their self-worth, their value, and their gifts, to enable them to fulfil their true potential.
* To be a Christian community where the spirit of Christ pervades all aspects of school life, uniting its staff, pupils and parents in a community of justice and love.
* To develop habits of self-discipline and acceptable behaviour in which all pupils care for one another and find personal security in belonging, whilst developing their understanding and respect for other races, religions and ways of life.
* To provide a safe, healthy and welcoming environment for pupils, parents, staff and visitors to the school.
* To assist parents in their role as Catholic Educators by extending and enhancing their children's experience and participation in the liturgy and sacramental life of the Catholic Church.
* To help our pupils acquire the basic knowledge, skills and values which will enable them to lead full lives in the society of which they are part.


Our commitment to these aims is shown in the manner in which the governors, headteacher and staff set an example in Christian caring by their dedication to the welfare of the children.


Our aims will be achieved by: -

* Appointing staff sharing our commitment to Christian values.
* Setting a clear curriculum for religious education and ensuring that the whole curriculum is taught in a Catholic context.
* Providing pupils with the experience of a Christian community at work.
* Demonstrating through shared activities that the school is part of a wider community.
* Providing regular acts of worship in school and in the parish.

We will feel that we have succeeded in our mission when: -

* All eligible Catholic parents seek admission for their children.
* Prayer and the Mass are natural activities for our pupils.
* Parents choose continuing Catholic education after St. Thomas's.
* Parents and any other visitors feel welcome in the school.
* Parents freely volunteer to help in the running and improvement of the school.

Our school, St Thomas of Canterbury, is a very welcoming and friendly place with lots of helpful teachers and teaching assistants who give us a fantastic education. They always encourage us to try our best and make the right decisions.

It is a very safe school and we feel very comfortable with our surroundings as we learn. Everyone is happy and we all work together and help each other in lessons and after school clubs.

We do lots of charity work and we always think of others.

We are a Roman Catholic primary school and we all follow Jesus and try to be more like Him every day.