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*****Reception 2021 visits, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November, please see the Admissions page for further information*****Reception 2021 visits, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November, please see the Admissions page for further information*****Reception 2021 visits, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November, please see the Admissions page for further information*****NURSERY 08.45 - 11.45 - NURSERY GATE**RECEPTION 09.00 - NURSERY GATE**YEAR 1 - 8.45 - 3.10 - YEAR 1 CLASS ENTRANCE**YEAR 2 - 8.40 - 3.15 - YEAR 2 CLASS ENTRANCE**YEAR 3 - 8.50 - 3.25 - YEAR 3 CLASS ENTRANCE (JUNIOR PLAYGROUND)**YEAR 4B (MRS JONES) - 09.00 - 3.35 - JUNIOR PLAYGROUND ENTRANCE**YEAR 4 (MISS WARREN) - 9.00 - 3.35 - JUNIOR STAIRS ENTRANCE/EXIT**YEAR 5 - 8.50 -3.25 MAIN PEDESTRIAN ENTRANCE**YEAR 6 - 8.40 -3.15 - MAIN PEDESTRAIN ENTRANCE**PUPILS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE SCHOOL VIA THE OFFICE, THIS IS DUE TO THE SAFETY MEASURES THAT HAVE BEEN PUT IN PLACE.** *****Reception 2021 visits, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November, please see the Admissions page for further information*****THE OFFICE IS CLOSED, PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL via EMAIL AS THE MAILBOX IS BENG MONITORED****NURSERY 08.45 - 11.45 - NURSERY GATE**RECEPTION - NURSERY GATE**YEAR 1 - 8.45 - 3.10 - YEAR 1 CLASS ENTRANCE**YEAR 2 - 8.40 - 3.15 - YEAR 2 CLASS ENTRANCE**YEAR 3 - 8.50 - 3.25 - YEAR 3 CLASS ENTRANCE (JUNIOR PLAYGROUND)**YEAR 4B (MRS JONES) - 09.00 - 3.35 - JUNIOR PLAYGROUND ENTRANCE**YEAR 4 (MISS WARREN) - 9.00 - 3.35 - JUNIOR STAIRS ENTRANCE/ESIT**YEAR 5 - 8.50 -3.25 JUNIOR STAIRS ENTRANCE/EXIT**YEAR 6 - 8.40 -3.15 - JUNIOR STAIRS/EXIT**PUPILS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE SCHOOL VIA THE OFFICE, THIS IS DUE TO THE SAFETY MEASURES THAT HAVE BEEN PUT IN PLACE.** THE OFFICE IS CLOSED, PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL via EMAIL AS THE MAILBOX IS BENG MONITORED**
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General Information
Please click the link below to access the information regarding the breakfast club.

Every effort will be made to keep the School open for everyone but there may be unavoidable circumstances which force a full or partial school closure to occur.

If we do experience severe weather resulting in hazardous conditions, we may be forced to close the School. The normal expectation should be that the School is open.

Once a decision is made to close, we will:

· Post a message on the School website by 7.30am or asap;

· We will update the website regularly to keep parents informed about arrangements for the following day;

· We will inform the local radio stations (Heart FM/KMFM/BBC Kent) of the school closure arrangements and check or

If the School is forced to close during the day, we will immediately post a message on the website and send a message to parents via text/email. Local radio stations will be contacted to make announcements.

During any cold weather please ensure that students come appropriately attired with coats, hats and gloves.


All parents become members of the Parent Teacher Association on registration of their child.

As well as taking part in functions organised by the P.T.A. Committee, many parents help on a day-to-day basis, helping in the classroom, providing transport for school teams etc.

Perhaps, most importantly, parents attend their child's Class Mass and assemblies whenever possible; thus sharing their Faith. These are not “shows” but an essential part of the life of the church. We ask you to join in the prayerful experience.
Please click the link to view the latest newsletter.
NEWSLETTER Autumn 2018 


Occasionally you will be asked to contribute to one of the funds:

The School Fund

This fund exists to provide for additional materials and to subsidise various school outings and celebrations e.g. Christmas festivities, school sports etc.

The Governors Fund

This fund exists to pay for external repairs and other items that are the Governors responsibility.

The Governors Annual Report to the Parents gives full details of the school’s activities, results and finances.

We are a cashless school and all payments are made online using School Money, upon joining the school you will be issued with a log in.  If you need any assistance logging into School Money, please contact the office.


The Governors do not accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal property.

All belongings must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.


Meals are cooked at the school. The charge is that fixed by Medway Council currently £1.90 per day/£9.50 per week. Medway Council will provide meals free if eligible. Details are available on request from the School Secretary. Every effort is made to ensure that a child receiving free meals cannot be identified.

Children will choose from the Superheroes menu on the day and dinner money must be paid online, using School Money on either Thursday or Friday to pay for meals for the following week. 

To view the reduced Superheroes Menu for Autumn/Winter 2020 click the logo below.
All children attending school in Reception, year 1 and year 2 are entitled to a school meal free of charge. Even though your child will receive a school meal, if you are receiving any of the benefits listed below you should still apply as the school will also be entitled to extra funding of £1,300 known as Pupil Premium.
Apply for free school meals
To make an application for free school meals you must apply online.
Apply for free school meals
 You will need to provide: 
  • your own name and date of birth; 
  • contact details; 
  • national insurance number or national asylum seekers number; 
  • child's name and date of birth
  • the school your child is attending or will attend.

Free school meals from Year 3 onwards
If you have children under 19 years old and still in full time education, they may be entitled to a free school meal if you receive either:
  • Employment and Support Allowance (income-related);
  • Income Support;
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance (income-based);
  • The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit;
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999;
  • Child Tax Credit;
  • Working Tax Credit run-one paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit.;
  • Universal Credit.

You will not be entitled to Free School Meals if you receive any element of Working Tax Credit or if your annual household income (as assessed by HMRC) is greater than £ 16,190.                       

Is your child entitled to FREE milk?
Child under 5?  
Child over 5?
Every child over the age of five is entitled to milk at a subsidised price of around £14 per term.
Every child under the age of five is entitled to FREE school milk.
Register your child online today, click the logo below.
It is accepted that PARENTS are responsible for the administration of medicines to their children.  However, in certain circumstances, such as when it would be detrimental to a child's health or school attendance not to do so, school staff may volunteer to administer medicines under strict conditions.
The school policy on the administration of medicines is made clear to parents and is available from the school office.


You are welcome to visit the school but do please ring first to make suitable arrangements.


We encourage pupils to transfer at 11 to the St. John Fisher School at Chatham, where they can complete their Catholic education up to A-level standard. St John Fisher has an excellent reputation and is recommended for all Catholic children. Entry is according to their admission policy.

Details are given in your child's final year at this school.

Full particulars are available from:

The Headteacher.

St. John Fisher School

Ordnance Street Chatham

Tel. (01634) 842811


Statutory instruments, D.F.E. (Department for Education and Skills) circulars, H.M.I. (Her Majesty’s Inspectors) reports (subject to availability) and other relevant documents are retained at school for your inspection. The school had a Section 5 Ofsted inspection  and a Section 48 inspection in March 2013.

Data on computer file is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

The following documents are held at the school for your inspection:

Ofsted Inspection Report (March 2013)

D.F.E. circulars

H.M.I. reports

Other relevant documents

Ofsted Maths Inspection (March 2007)


It is important to be positive.

Rather than the traditional approach of a stream of "Don't do this or that" we have only two rules.

1 Children at this school are expected to show respect to other children, staff, visiting adults, the equipment and fabric of the school.

2. For their own safety, and the safety of others, children should behave in an orderly way.

The teaching staff has the authority to create any necessary instructions to maintain the above rules.

It should be noted that if malicious damage is caused to school property then a charge might be levied to recoup the cost of the article. (See Charging Policy on page 19)

Children are normally punished by loss of privileges, e.g. playtime detention.

If it is felt that the offence is more serious or persistent then the parents will be informed and we would look for co-operation to resolve the problem.


Our distinctive uniform helps give the children pride in their school.

School uniform is only available from Rainham Sports, Station Road, Rainham. 


SHOES Black or navy. (No fashion shoes, high heels, trainers or open toed sandals)

SOCKS Long white. (Short socks may be worn in the summer)



BLOUSE White. (A white polo shirt may be worn from the start of Term 4 until the end of the Term 1 - as supplied by Rainham Sports)

TIE Royal blue with thin white stripes. (As supplied by Rainham Sports).

PULLOVER/CARDIGAN Royal blue. (As supplied by Rainham Sports).

SUMMER DRESS Blue gingham, no clouette style dresses or playsuits.

RAINCOAT/COAT Preferably navy.


SHOES Black (no fashion shoes, trainers or boots)

SHORTS Plain grey, (no long trousers). Black/navy tracksuit may be worn to/from school in the winter.

SOCKS Plain grey/or grey with royal blue hoops.

SHIRTS Grey or white. (A white polo shirt may be worn from the beginning of Term 4 until the end of Term 1 - as supplied by Rainham Sports)

TIE Royal blue with thin white stripes. (As supplied by Rainham Sports).

PULLOVER Royal blue. (As supplied by Rainham Sports).

RAINCOAT/COAT Preferably navy.


GENERAL White vest printed with school name, royal blue shorts, and plimsolls.

FOOTBALL Blue shorts, white or blue jersey with long sleeves, white socks with royal blue hoops, football boots. Blue or black tracksuits may be worn in the winter.

NETBALL Blue or black tracksuits may be worn in the winter. Trainers may be worn.


SUMMER HAT Legionnaire or baseball style with school name.

SCHOOL FLEECE Navy blue (As supplied by Rainham Sports)

Please mark all items clearly with name of child


None. Studs are permissible for pierced ears, but must be removed for P.E. and swimming.

For Health and Safety reasons, children with recently pierced ears will not be allowed to do P.E.until the wound is healed and the child is capable of removing the studs unattended.

It is strongly advised that any piercing be undertaken at the start of the Summer holidays.

HAIR Boys will be expected to keep their hair short.

Girls' long hair is to be tied back. (Headbands/elastics/clips should be plain blue or black ) No “trendy” hairstyles please as this tends to cause rivalry and jealousy in the classroom.
Due to COVID-19 the school start and finishing times are being staggered:


Start time

Pick up time





Nursery Gate




Nursery Gate

Year 1



Year 1 Class

Year 2



Year 2 Class

Year 3



Year 3 Class (was Miss Watson’s classroom)

Year 4A



Junior entrance/exit

Year 4B



Year 4 Class (was Mrs Tong’s classroom)

Year 5



Junior entrance/exit

Year 6



Junior entrance/exit


Assemblies: Monday 9.00 Junior Prayer

Wednesday 9.00 Infant Prayer/Hymns

Thursday 9.00 Whole school Prayer/Hymns

Friday 3.15 Assembly - Parents welcome

Mass: Normally Thursday 9.15 (Parents & parishioners welcome)

Reconciliation: By arrangement



1 All education provided at St. Thomas will be free of charge.

2 Parents are to be informed of the cost of activities e.g. school trips.

3 Parents and/or other bodies are to be invited to make donations to offset the costs of activities.

4 Exceptions to the above are as follows:

a) Piano, keyboard, brass or woodwind lessons provided by external music schools. (Third party charge)

b) Any other individual charges for sporting lessons provided by Medway Council or sporting associations. (Third party charge)

c) Nominal cost of hire of musical instruments owned by the school provided for the child e.g. guitar. (School charge)

d) Goods supplied e.g. cake ingredients. (School charge)

e) A charge may be made for any damage caused by a child. e.g. wilful damage to books or musical instruments (Refer to the schools' disciplinary code).

(Any charge shall be remitted in FULL. In cases of genuine hardship, please contact the school.)

Any additions or amendments necessary to this statement will be made in accordance with the Education Reform Act 1988 (sections 106-111, 117-118).

This complaints procedure shall refer to the handling of Complaints about the school curriculum, related matters, general management of the school, Religious education, and acts of collective worship.

1. All complaints that relate to the internal organisation and the running of the school should, in the first instance, be referred to the Headteacher. The Governing body should not seek to become involved until the Headteacher has had the opportunity to deal with the issue.

2. If the Complainant is still not satisfied, the Headteacher should inform them of the right to refer their complaint to the Clerk of the Governing Body, in writing.

3. The Clerk should acknowledge receipt of the complaint promptly and:

      a: Inform the Chairman of the necessity to convene a meeting of the Complaints Sub-Committee

      b: Send a copy of the Complaint to all Governors.