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Reception 2019 - Open Morning - 7 January at 10.00am

Reception: Mrs Tillman and Mrs Round

 Autumn Term 2018  

This term our topics are “Ourselves,” “Autumn/Festivals” and “Toys,” which will be covered through the Early Learning Goals. We believe strongly in the partnership between home and school and are therefore confident of your support in helping your child to learn. The things we will be studying in each Area of Learning are as follows:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Responding to significant experiences

Understanding and respect for differences

Importance of belonging to a family group

Listening attentively and carefully to others

Kind and caring ways to use our hands

Self-help skills e.g. dressing and undressing

Cultural differences – Bonfire Night, Diwali, Christmas

Working as a group, taking turns, sharing fairly

Confidence to try new activities

Communication, Language and Literacy


Speaking, listening and asking relevant questions

Letter sounds and formation

Reciting/learning nursery rhymes

Recognise that print carries meaning

Early reading and writing in role-play situations

Learning new vocabulary associated with parts of the body

Recognising and writing their names

Vocabulary associated with autumn and this term’s festivals

Listening to and retelling stories

Physical Development


Learning and playing ring games

Gross movement – use of large equipment

Fine movement – use of scissors, brushes, pencils, malleable materials etc

Dancing to Indian music

Music and movement equipment

Understanding The World


Find out about past/present events in their lives and the lives of others

Respect for others and their beliefs

Recalling past events – looking at old photographs etc

Change and growth

Making comparisons

Look at pattern and change in their environment e.g. weather

Autumn/winter festivals

Floating and sinking



Recognising, ordering and writing numerals 1-10

Sorting and sequencing

Comparing size, weight, length, height

2D and 3D shapes

Positional/directional language

1 more and 1 less up to 10


Expressive Arts and Design


Exploring shape and colour

Painting and printing

Exploring different materials

Clay modelling

Indian artwork

Bonfire pictures

Christmas artwork

Singing songs