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Year 6    Class   Mr Griffin
Overview Terms 3/4 2018-2019

During this term your child will be studying a number of modules from the NATIONAL CURRICULUM 2014. We believe in the importance of partnership between home and school. To further develop this relationship we feel it is important that you are fully aware of the topics your child will be covering during this term. We know that we can depend on you to support your child completely in tasks undertaken.



Ø Electricity

Ø Animals including humans



The unit consolidates children's knowledge of materials which are electrical conductors, extends understanding of ways in which the brightness of bulbs or speed of motors in a circuit can be changed. Through this unit children consolidate their knowledge of healthy lifestyles and recognise the impact of diet, exercise and drugs on the way their bodies work. We will describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.



Ø How can we find out about the Indus Valley civilisation




In this unit children learn about the Indus Valley civilisation from archaeological sources. Children find out about the characteristic features of the society and period, through historical enquiry.



Ø Rivers




In this unit, the children will find out more about why rivers are so important to the towns and villages that have developed on their banks. By looking at the features of rivers, and the natural and human ways that rivers change over time, children will explore the life stories of rivers. Children will learn the names and locations of the major rivers of the UK and the world.

ART AND DESIGN          


Ø What a Performance (Hats)


In this unit children investigate headwear and costume worn in different times and cultures, including theatre costume. They use this as a starting point for designing and making a piece of headwear for an infant child at Easter, using a range of textiles and other materials.



Ø Shelters



In this unit, children learn about structures. They learn that structures can fail when loaded, and the use of techniques for reinforcing and strengthening structures. They are shown the strength of tubes as a construction material and textiles as a suitable cover for a framework.


Ø Music Hall / Performing Together


This unit develops and demonstrates pupil’s ability to take part in class performances with confidence, expression and control. They sing and play songs into two or more parts, play instrumental accompaniments.


Ø Local Church - Community

Ø Eucharist

Ø Lent/Easter Giving


There is an RE letter to parents on the reverse of this giving details of this terms areas of study.


Ø Coding Games


Children will design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals, including controlling or simulating physical systems; solve problems by decomposing them into smaller parts. Use sequence, selection and repetition in programs; work with variables and various forms of input and output. Use logical reasoning to explain how some algorithms work and to detect and correct errors in algorithms and programs.


Ø Football

Ø Tag Rugby

Ø Cricket

Ø Swimming

Ø Badminton


Please ensure that your child comes every Monday with a Games kit and the appropriate foot wear (Trainers or Plimsolls) regardless of the weather, as this often changes over the course of a day. It is also important that kit is washed regularly. Swimming kit is required every Thursday – Term 3 only.

Children will work with partners and learn how to develop shapes and balances.




Throughout Term 3 we will be covering a number of areas including time, measurement, negative numbers, the four rules, angles, decimals, fractions and percentages. After half-term we will start revising all areas in preparation for SATS. In addition, we will be continuing with our 50 Challengers, tables tests and problem solving activities.




Throughout Term 3 we will be covering a number of areas: including, newspaper reports, writing like an author, presenting balanced arguments, poetry and plays. After half-term we will start revising all areas in preparation for SATS. In addition, we will be continuing with spelling, SPAG, story writing and handwriting and reading a variety of genres.


We hope you find this information useful and if you have any questions about the work being covered by the class during the term please feel free to see me at the end of the day.

Additional Information

Homework should remain fairly constant i.e. spelling test on Thursday, Maths and English in on Wednesday.

Please check with your child, what their homework is ensuring that it is completed to a satisfactory standard and handed in on time. (It is better to do a little each night, than to leave it all until the night before. A timetable can be a useful tool to help establish a manageable routine.) Reading and revision of times tables should be regularly practised at home.