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Reception 2019 - Open Morning - 7 January at 10.00am

My name is Mr Griffin and I am the new Year 6 teacher, though not new to St. Thomas’s as I spent eight years here before I left for St. John’s RC Primary School in December 2006.

Superficially Year 6 may appear to be a time of preparing for exams namely the Kent and Medway selection tests in September and the SATs tests in May. There is more to Year 6 than this. Certainly preparation in the weeks prior to these exams requires the children to put in a great deal of hard work if they are going to fulfil their potential. Even in these busy times there are still times for amusing interludes such as when the teacher gets an example, or two, wrong on the board. (I agree with Mr South and have reminded the children on a number of occasions already that making mistakes is part of being human; the key is to embrace and learn from them, for that is what makes us as adults.)

Year 6 will also be an opportunity for children to lead by example. All Year 6 children will be Prefects and their duties will include supervising the younger children during break and wet break and looking after the school environment.

Year 6 offers you opportunities to join many of the school's sporting clubs with the chance of representing the school in inter-school competitions. With the support and expertise of Mr South we have already started a football and rugby club. There are also many extra curricular activities that are accessible to them. I have also started teaching the children the guitar as part of the music topic ‘Musicmaker.’

By the conclusion of Year 6 pupils will be confident to continue their education at secondary school. The extra responsibilities that they undertake in Year 6 contribute considerably to their personal development and the ability to cope with change and new things.

I am looking forward to my new tenure at St. Thomas’s and would like to wish the parents and children all the very best in the coming year. To the Year 6 children I will reiterate what a good friend, who happens to be Deputy Head at St. Michael’s over in Chatham (and with a bit of luck will have to be consoled each time we compete against them) always pointed out to the children, at assemblies, when we worked together at St. John’s: