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Year 5 Mr Round Summer Term 2019 Overview

During this term your child will be studying a number of modules from the NATIONAL CURRICULUM 2014. We believe in the importance of partnership between home and school. To further develop this relationship we feel it is important that you are fully aware of the topics your child will be covering during this term. We know that we can depend on you to support your child completely in tasks undertaken.


Ø Forces in Action (term 5)

Ø More about Dissolving ( term 6 )


In this unit children apply their knowledge of a variety of forces, including magnetic attraction, gravitational attraction and friction. Children learn about the changes in motion which occur when forces act on an object. They consolidate their understanding that forces have direction and can be measured.

This unit consolidates and extends children's understanding of what happens when a variety of solids dissolve.

Experimental and investigative work focuses on making and testing predictions, planning a fair test, repeating observations and measurements and evaluating these, representing data in line graphs and interpreting what these show.


Ø Crime and Punishment (individual research)

Ø Mayan Civilisation (Continued)


In this topic children will look at how crime and punishment has changed over time and how the police force came in to being. They will look at the modern court system and look at international courts, laws and organisations.

In this unit children look at Mayan society their Gods, food, number and writing systems as well as Mayan writing and their impact on today’s world.


Ø The mountain environment ( continued)

Ø Marvellous Maps (term 6)


In this unit the children consider what a mountain is, they look at different mountain environments and their associated weather conditions, as well as the impact of tourism on these fragile environments. They will use a range of resources to help them research the above areas.

Marvellous Maps allows children to further explore the range of maps available to geographers and to develop their understanding of

the key features of maps.


Ø Containers (Term 5)


In this unit children explore the craft tradition of making vessels and containers. They develop their own designs and build a three-dimensional form to represent a vessel or container that will hold something special that they would wish for. They consider examples by contemporary designers and ceramicists and look at work from different cultures.


Ø Talking Textiles (Term 6)


In this unit children explore how stories have been represented in textiles in different times and cultures. They work together to make a two- or three-dimensional work based on a familiar story, myth or legend. They investigate and use a range of materials, techniques and textile processes to create surface patterns and textures and other visual and sound effects.

Sports may change over the course of the term. 


Ø Cricket

Ø Athletics

Ø Scatterball


Please ensure that your child comes every Monday with a Games kit and the appropriate foot wear (trainers, football boots or plimsolls) regardless of the weather, as this often changes over the course of a day. It is also important that kit is washed regularly.


Ø Transformation

Ø Freedom and responsibility

Ø Stewardship


See the news letter


Ø We are web developers (term 5)

Ø We are architects (term 6)


In this unit the children research examples of art gallery architecture, before using Trimble Sketch Up to create their own virtual gallery. Finally, they use the gallery to exhibit their own art work. In this unit children develop their own web page as well as scrutinising the validity and credibility of information on other web sites. E safety is a key feature of this unit.


Journey into Space


This unit develops children's ability to extend their sound vocabulary, including the use of ICT, and to compose a soundscape. In this unit, children explore a wide range of sound sources, including ICT, to capture, explore, change and communicate sounds. They make expressive use of vocal and instrumental possibilities to create and structure compositions in groups and share these with the class.



Year 5 has a focus on Decimals, Fractions and Percentages and their relationships to each other. Tables knowledge, as in all year groups, is very important so regular practice at home is essential.



Genres covered include: the work of a significant author, instructions, myths and legends, stories from other cultures, play scripts, poetry, including performing, persuasive text, explanations and letters.

We hope you find this information useful and if you have any questions about the work being covered by the class during the term please feel free to see me at the end of the day.

Additional Information

Home work should remain fairly constant ie spellings in on Friday, Maths in on alternate Wednesday. Their history topic replacing the English homework of previous terms

Please check with your child, what their homework is, ensure that it is completed to a satisfactory standard and handed in on time. (It is better to do a little each night, than to leave it all until the night before. A timetable can be a useful tool to help establish a manageable routine.) Reading and revision of times tables should be regularly practised at home and recorded in your child’s contact book.