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September 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome back to a new school year, we hope you had an enjoyable holiday. This letter will give you an insight into what your child will be studying this term. We are happy to answer any questions if you would like to pop up and see us.



In this unit, the children will learn about the structure and role of a skeleton in both humans and animals. They will learn about the different types of skeletons. They will then move on to the role of muscles and how they affect movement and the effect of exercise on our bodies.

This unit gives children the opportunity to explore properties of light. They will learn that shadows are formed when light from a source is blocked and recognise that shadows are similar shapes to the objects forming them. Through investigation they will learn to make predictions about shadows formed by different objects and make careful observations and measurements of shadows throughout the day.

What a wonderful world


In this unit the children will learn about our planet. They will learn about the continents and oceans, including daily life in one particular continent. They will also learn about how the continents differ in climate and the landmarks they have using maps and aerial photographs.

In this unit, the children will learn about the Romans in Britain. They will learn about the reasons the Romans decided to come here and why their invasion was successful. They will learn about Boudicca’s rebellion and how the Romans changed Britain and their influence today.




In art, children investigate how paintings, prints and photographs and other images that include figures, communicate ideas about relationships. They will use composition skills to make a double portrait that conveys ideas about themselves and their relationship with another person in their lives.

In this unit children learn about stiffening materials and making stable structures through the context of free-standing photograph frames.

Children will design a frame and decide what materials they could use to help them create a useable photo frame.



On Tuesday the children will take part in games of football, netball as well as invasion games. Please remember to provide the appropriate kit.

We will also be making up multi-cultural dances in the hall.


In I.C.T. the children will be combining graphics with text and using appropriate effects to re-size graphics and learning how to alter and construct texts for different audiences. They will consider when and where text and graphics are usually seen together, specifically on greetings cards.
The children will use Purple Mash and Scratch to create a short animation, considering the structure of a story.


In year 3, the children have the opportunity to learn lots of instruments outside of the classroom and, as a class, we will be learning to play the recorder. Each Friday we will join with the year 4’s to great our KS2 Choir.



This term we have a huge emphasis on fully understanding place value, times tables, basic fractions and maths reasoning. Please make sure you learn your times tables.

This author of the term will be Roald Dahl. We will be learning to create letters, reports, story writing and finally Christmas poems. Please encourage your child to read every day and write this in the reading contact book. Good readers make for good writers so please help us to get the children to develop a love of books.

Homework must be completed in pencil. Spelling tests will be held on a Monday and Times tables test on a Friday.

Each Friday a homework sheet will be handed out

Finally, if you have any worries, concerns or questions about your child and their learning please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Stanton and Mrs Tong