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Reception 2020 - open mornings Wednesday 6th November 2019 and Friday 10th January 2020 - 10.00am - Reception 2020 - open mornings Wednesday 6th November 2019 and Friday 10th January 2020 - 10.00am  - Reception 2020

  Dear Parents,

We hope that you all had a relaxing and enjoyable Easter break. We are now into the final stretch of year 3 and we are looking forward to some excellent learning. This letter will give you an insight into what your child will be studying over the last two terms of this year:


In English the children will be covering a number of areas, including performing and reviewing poetry, adventure stories, reading and writing letters and non-fiction texts. Please encourage your children to read and discuss their books with you. It is important to have a variety of audiences to improve expression and fluency. We are also going to complete a class summer reading challenge where if they read at home to an adult they will receive a certificate at the end of term.


Our Maths work this term will include Data Handling (interpreting and creating graphs and charts), fractions, money, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be using these skills to solve mathematical problems and puzzles. Please continue to practise times tables with your child, as a secure knowledge of these directly benefits much of the work covered.


Helping Plants Grow Well

Healthy Eating

In our topic about plants the children will recognise that plants need light, water and warmth and healthy leaves, roots and stems in order to grow well. They will measure volumes of water and height of plants and recognise that in experiments and investigations a number of plants need to be used to provide reliable evidence. The children will learn the importance of a healthy diet. They will learn that all animals (including humans) need the right types and amounts of nutrition. They will also learn that they cannot make their own food and have to get their nutrition from what they eat.


Land use

In this unit the children will learn about how we use land. They will learn about and create sketch maps of the school and some of the local area. They will also learn about rural and urban land use and consider the difference between them.


Stone age to Iron age

The children will learn about the development of mankind from the period spanning the stone age to the iron age in Britain. They will learn about the changes in technology and civilization during this time period including the transition from use of stone to metal and the beginning of settlements.


Can we change places?

This unit allows children to explore sculptures and art work that can improve the surroundings. They will work together to design and create pieces of art that will improve the school grounds.


Sandwich snacks

The children will learn basic food preparation and ways of combining components to create simple food products. They will develop designing skills and evaluate existing products. They will create their own product through considering taste, appearance, texture and a healthy diet.



We have lower junior games on a Tuesday and swimming on a Thursday. Children should have the appropriate kit available for these days including a full swimming kit for Thursdays, and outdoor trainers for Tuesday afternoons. There is also an optional cross country club on a Monday so bring your shoes if you would like to take part,




In our e-mail topic we will develop skills needed to send and receive e-mails, annotate e-mails and add attachments. The children will each be given access to their Medway email addresses which they can access at home too. If you are happy for your child to email you please share your email addresses with us and we may contact you in the coming weeks.


Class orchestra

This will develop the children’s ability to create and perform rhythmic and melodic material as part of a class performance of a song – enhancing their singing lessons with myself. Their understanding of how instruments can be used to accompany songs will also be developed. They will also be continuing to learn the recorder.

Just a reminder that spelling sentences are due in on Mondays and set homework is due in on the following Thursday. Tables tests continue to happen every Friday.

Also, Mrs Stanton will be beginning her maternity leave on 10th May. Mrs Stanton would like to thank you all for your kindness and support this year.

Finally, if you have any worries, concerns or questions about your child and their learning please do not hesitate to come and speak us.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Tong and Mrs Stanton