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Reception 2019 - Open Morning - 7 January at 10.00am

September 2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new term and to a new school year! We hope you all enjoyed the summer holidays. As you are aware, the class teachers are Mrs Shepheard and Mrs Thomas.

Mrs Shepheard will be teaching on Tuesdays and Wednesdays whilst Mrs Thomas will be teaching on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. We will share Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA) on a Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Sharrock is our class Teaching Assistant (shared with Miss Watson in year 2) and Mrs Clark will also be working with us. 

Year 1 has a structured timetable and all National Curriculum subjects will be taught. We will manage the transition into the more formal setting over the coming weeks and are confident the children will continue to love learning and school.   The table below shows the topics we will be covering in the autumn term for your information:


Animals including humans


The children will learn about human and animal bodies and consider similarities and differences between them. Children will engage in a variety of activities including drawing and labelling the body, using their senses to conduct an investigation, describing animal bodies and sorting animals into groups.


How are toys different from those in the past?

This topic will allow the children to look at the similarities and differences between toys today and toys in the past. It introduces them to the concept of ‘old’ and ‘new’, and encourages them to think about the changes in their own lives and in those of their family or adults around them. If you have any old toys in the loft please share them with us!


Around the World


The children will have a whistle-stop tour of the seven continents of the world. We will look at each continent and explore their features, people and landmarks.  We will learn where the seven continents are on a map and undertake a variety of fun activities to help them learn more about each one.


Word Processing

The children will learn to log on to the school computers and access a range of programmes. The children will increase their knowledge of the keyboard and also learn key skills such as saving and printing. We will be using the computer across the curriculum and learning to word process using simple programs and becoming more familiar with the keyboard and mouse.


Self Portraits

The children will create portraits and self-portraits to communicate ideas about themselves... They will investigate a range of drawing materials, scales and techniques and learn how to mix and use colour in painting. Mrs Sharrock will be delivering these lessons during our PPA time.

Design Technology

Moving Pictures.

We will be learning about and making simple moving pictures. We will look at how movement can be made using simple levers, sliders and hinges. The children will produce their own moving picture.


Singing Voice

In music the children will focus on the development of the singing voice, listening skills, aural memory and physical skills. The children will develop a repertoire of songs and will become familiar and confident with them.

PE (Monday)

Dance – The Magic Toys


The children will be learning to explore movement ideas and respond to a range of stimuli. We will be looking at working with a partner to demonstrate a range of actions and creating sequences. They will be creating simple sequences and performing them. Please ensure all earrings are removed for the Monday lesson. PE Kits will be kept in school for the term.


We are following the New National Curriculum in English and Mathematics. The children will be working hard on writing sentences and developing their handwriting. We would be grateful if you could encourage correct letter formation when the children are writing at home. The children will cover a range of areas across Mathematics and we would encourage the children to count and to write single and two digit numbers at home. 

The children will be heard to read as frequently as possible in class and we encourage the children to read at home every day with a parent. The children will receive spelling lists to learn for a weekly test in the coming weeks. They will be tested every Thursday. Homework is given out on a Thursday and is expected back by the following Thursday.

We are excited to be teaching your children this year and look forward to meeting you all. If you have any concerns, queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to see you.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Thomas and Mrs Shepheard