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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holidays and wish you all a very Happy New Year! Many thanks for the many lovely gifts, you were all very kind and generous– thank you.

Our topics the spring term:


Everyday materials

Seasonal changes

In this topic children will identify, classify and describe the everyday materials around them. They will explore materials such as wood, plastic, metal, glass and fabric, through a variety of fun activities that will help them learn about different objects, the materials they are made from and the properties of these materials.

We will explore how weather and day length affect animals and humans. The children will be encouraged to use their own experiences and the information provided to come to conclusions about how living things adapt to seasonal changes.



The children will be exploring the lives of significant individuals who have contributed to national or international achievements. In particular, we will be focussing on Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.


Our School

Our Geography topic this term will be ‘Our School’. In this unit, the children will learn more about the world, starting with their immediate environment. Children will explore their school environment using first hand observation and experience to enhance their awareness along with essential map skills and fieldwork.


Illustrating books

This unit will explore the illustrations in the books children read and a great opportunity for the children to work creatively. The children will use the computers to create their very own e-books.


Investigating materials

The children will investigate the qualities and potential of natural and man made materials. They will learn weaving, plaiting, tying, fastening, folding, cutting and constructing and learn how materials are used in their own and others lives.

Design Technology


The children will have opportunities to develop their understanding of structures. They will develop and model their ideas by creating static models from sheet and reclaimed materials and using construction kits.



The children will develop an understanding of pitch through using movement, voices and instruments. They will identify contrasts in high and low pitch and create animal chants.

PE Gymnastics


In this topic the children will investigate movement, stillness and finding space safely. They will explore basic gymnastic actions on the floor and using apparatus. They will also copy and create short movement phrases of linked actions.

For English and Maths we will be following the National Curriculum and are focusing on sentence writing, correct letter formation, use of adjectives, addition and subtraction, mental strategies (e.g. number bonds) and place value.

Up Ribbon: Changes ahead! 
Mrs Thomas will now be teaching the class every Monday.  All other days will remain the same. 
A reminder to read with your child as regularly as possible, and please write a comment in the reading contact book. Your child will continue to have a weekly spelling test, please help your child to learn these. The children will also have an additional homework activity, such as English, Maths, Science etc. Homework will be given out on a Thursday and should be returned by the following Thursday (by the latest). Your child should use a pencil to complete the set homework.

Please remember that we are available after school and we are more than happy to meet with you. Please don’t let little niggles or worries build. Come and see us – we’re nice! J

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Thomas and Mrs Shepheard

Class Teachers

Mrs Shepheard and Mrs Thomas