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As you may be aware, as part of the Olympic Legacy scheme each primary school has been allotted a sum of money, by the government, to use to strengthen the sports provision in their school. At St Thomas’ we were given £8,000 plus a further £5.00 per pupil, giving us a total of approximately £10,000. We at St Thomas’ have always had a strong tradition of running as many dinner time and after school clubs as possible, as you can see from the table of available clubs, presented on the school web site.

This year, the money is being spent on employing Mr M South to provide sports cover for a number of classes in order to provide high quality PE provision for children at the school. Mr South also runs an after school club on Tuesday to increase the variety of provision (exclusively for Yr 5 in preparation for any tournaments which may come up in Years 5 & 6).

We now have an Irish Dancing club on a Wednesday evening.

We have also used the money to purchase two sets of portable football goals; this will allow us to host this year’s deanery football competition and also means we can offer the school as a venue for further competitions in the future. The old goals will now be cut down in size and placed on the playground for play time football, thus eliminating the need for “jumpers as goal posts” and allowing access to all year groups.

A new school sports kit has been ordered along with track suits and other corporate wear, in order to replace our existing kit, which is now several years old and although it has served us well, it is now showing its age. The present kit will be used as spares.

Spare PE kit is also being purchased as well as a variety of sized PE footwear, so that those children who do not have suitable PE kit in school on PE days will not have to miss out. This kit will also be used by those children who are waiting for parents to purchase new PE wear, so that this does not act as a barrier to them participating fully in all the school sports activities.

All further purchases will be posted on our website, along with reports on their impact on the sports provision within the school. If you have any suggestions as to how some of the money could be spent in the future then please feel free to approach any member of staff and your ideas will be listened to with an open mind.
    Dinner Time Sports Clubs  After School Sports Clubs
 Monday Dinnertime Clubs will vary from week to week depending on forthcoming competitions 
Run by Mr Griffin and Mr South
Dance Club
Run By Miss T Bellingham
Infants 3.35 - 4.00
Juniors 4.00 - 5.00
After school clubs may vary depending on the time of year 
Run By Mr Griffin and Mr South 
run by Mrs Sharrock
3.35 - 4.30
Run by
Mr South 
 Wednesday       (Irish Dancing to begin in January)        
 After School Football
Run by Gillingham F.C. Coaches
3.35 - 4.30 
 Infant after school football
Run by 
Mr C Harvey
(Holland and Blaire Football)
3.35 - 4.30